CPR Dummy And Masks

In the world of CPR training, simulation is one of the most important things to help teaching individuals. In the past, live subjects or individuals were used as training. However this is not really recommended because it can cause injuries or complications when a live subject is used.

This is why tools were created for CPR training. One of the most important tools for such is the CPR dummy.


CPR dummies are real life size dolls that have the same flexibility and softness just like human bodies. You can easily compress the chest as needed, and even tilt the head like a real human. Plus, they also have airways that you can breathe into as necessary. It is like a real human except for the fact that it is a doll and is not living.


Are CPR dummies important?

CPR dolls are important in the training because you can easily adjust the force as needed without inflicting any harm or damage to the subject. And remember, people learn more from actual simulation as compared to just reading or watching videos on how to do perform the skills. Now of course, in a real setting, human are different as compared to dolls. But for training purposes, they do serve their needs perfectly.



What is the advantage of a CPR dummy?

Dummies give you the chance to practice and experiment as needed. The newer models of CPR dummies even offer you many useful features. For example, you can check if your compression is hard enough or the air you are breathing is sufficient or not through the help of monitors located in the dummy. Continuous practice will assist you in mastering the skill.


What is CPR mask?

CPR mask is a training equipment that helps you to keep good hygiene. Remember that these dolls have been used by so many people. Therefore, it is not that clean. And with the advent of so many diseases that can be transferred through contact and body fluids, it is recommended that you wear a CPR mask to avoid infections.


How useful is a mask in preventing diseases?

It is a very effective tool. Studies have shown that it can prevent the spreading of viruses or diseases for almost 100 percent. It is very useful since you will never know who you might be performing CPR on.


Where you can buy the masks?

There are many places that you can buy the masks. You can easily find them at pharmacies and online shopping websites like Amazon.

CPR dummy and mask are good and important tools for you to use in training and when applying the first aid skill. They just make saving lives easier and safer.
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