10 Common CPR Questions You May Ask

We all know that CPR is a first aid technique that is important to help restore vital signs such as heartbeat and also breathing. You should at least have some basic knowledge to perform the skill during an emergency.

Do not be panic as this could spell the difference between life and death for the patient. Learn more by reading the following CPR questions.



Can you perform CPR without certification?

Yes, it can be performed without certification. Many people have the basic knowledge by only reading and watching. Of course, it would be better to get a formal training because you can learn the skill practically that you cannot learn from books or videos.


Can you do CPR when pregnant?

Yes, you can do it even when you are pregnant. Keep in mind that there are specific ways to do it. And you should be really careful as a pregnant woman has a different anatomy. It is good to help others, but your need to care for your baby too. Hence, it is important to know how to do it properly before attempting one.


How long can it keep someone alive?

It can keep someone alive as long as possible until help arrives. There are cases of continuous CPR for more than 30 minutes until the emergency response team arrived to administer ACLS.


Can it help an asthma attack?

Yes. Asthma is generally a problem related to breathing. If the heart function stops due to insufficient air gets to the lungs and organs, CPR can help bring blood and air back and promote blood circulation.


Can you give CPR to someone with a pacemaker?

Yes. A pacemaker has a different function of making the heart beat. If there is no beat to control, then the pacemaker is useless. CPR will help to stimulate the heartbeat first.

More CPR Questions

cpr-questionCan CPR kill you?

Yes, there have been cases where improper administering with harsh compressions had cause damages to the chest and heart. Therefore, one is advised to learn the basics as much as possible before applying the skill and be extra careful.


Can it cause brain damage?

The answer is no. CPR is a first aid skill that helps to get oxygen back to the brain. It is the lack of oxygen that causes brain damage.


Can it damage heart?

If the patient has previous heart damage, CPR may aggravate the injury by the compressions that you put into it.


Does CPR break ribs?

If the bones are weak due to certain diseases like osteoporosis, you may have the risk of breaking the ribs. But for most cases, it would take a great amount of force for you to break the ribs of a normal patient. Care should always be applied when doing compressions so it will not injure the organs or the bones of the chest area.


Does CPR work on dogs?

Yes, there have been reports and reviews that it does work on dogs. However it is a treatment specially performed by vets because they have more knowledge and experience on how to do it on animals.
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