How To Get CPR Certified?

CPR is an important and useful first aid skill. However, not everyone actually knows how to perform it even though they are in the medical field. This is because it requires some training and practices.

Getting a CPR certification is just like taking any other short courses. It will require your effort, time, and knowledge before you can pass and be a CPR certified individual. Read on to learn how to get CPR certified.



What is a CPR card?

A CPR card is like a license to be able to perform CPR at any time, any place and any situation. It means you are certified and have attended and passed all requirements to be able to perform CPR without any problems.


How to get CPR certified?

Certification can come from two main avenues, namely classes, and online. But if we are talking about who issues these certifications, there are three major institutions namely the Red Cross, American Heart Association, and the National Safety Council. Classes are courses you have to take, whether real time, or online.


Can you get it certified online?

Yes, online courses are now available on the websites mentioned above, the Red Cross, American Heart Association and the National Safety Council. Once you’ve finish the courses, you will have to pass their tests to be able to get yourself certified for the training.



Why should I get CPR certified?

There are a lot of advantages when you are certified. First, you get to have formal, appropriate knowledge and training to perform the skill. Second, the license can be used in any place at any time. For example, it can serve as an advantage if you are working in medical field like nurse, physical therapist, or emergency medical assistant. It is like a level up from the standard personnel if you are CPR certified. It is said that jobs come in easier if you have this certification.


How long does the certification last?

Generally, it lasts for 2 years. But in certain places, they offer for more than 2 years. So it depends on the area where you apply the course.


How long is a CPR class?

The class depends on the schedule you got. Some short courses may last only 3 to 5 hours, while some advanced courses may take days and weeks to finish. A standard CPR class for certification may only need 1 day to complete. There are also full courses that not only train on CPR but full emergency procedures, and this can take a whole school semester to finish.


How much is a CPR class?

Prices vary but a standard class might cost you around 50 to 80 dollars. It differs base on where you take it, whether it includes a CPR card and other add-on courses that you take. You can check out the websites of Red Cross or American Heart Association for details.


How to renew certification?

You can go for re-certification courses which might take a few hours. You are encouraged to take the training course again because there might be new updates or additions. Besides that, you can revise your skill at the same time.

If you prefer to get certified online, learn more here: CPR online certification.
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